The Delaware High School Mock Trial Competition

February 27-28, 2015

This will be the twenty-fourth year of Delaware's High School Mock Trial Competition. Each year, teams from Delaware's public and private schools are provided a case to analyze and present, and the Center tries to ensure that the case will be of interest to students and that it raises important social issues. The Competition has grown from four schools to over 25 schools and community programs.

During the Mock Trial, students play the roles of the witnesses and attorneys in the case. There are four preliminary rounds on February 27 and 28, allowing each team the opportunity to present both sides of the case. The finals will be held in the afternoon of Saturday, February 28, before a panel of Trial Court Judges, attorneys and members of the legal community including one Delaware Supreme Court Justice. Over 250 members of the judiciary and Delaware Bar act as legal advisors to the teams, and as judges and jurors for the Competition.

The goal of the Competition is to enhance students' citizenship skills. Students learn about our trial system and develop critical thinking and public speaking skills. The Mock Trial also provides teachers with a tool for authentic assessment. The Competition will be held in Wilmington, Delaware.

The winner of the Delaware competition represents the state at the National High School Mock Trial Championship. Delaware has sent a representative to the National Competition for the last 20 years.

Registration deadline for the competition is November 14, 2014. Click to obtain a copy of the Delaware High School Mock Trial Competition's Registration Form or call 302-778-0643.

2015 Mock Trial Case

The Mock Trial Committee has issued a revised version of the case for the 2015 competition. Below please find: 1) a copy of the revised version of the problem and 2) a redline showing the changes. Please note that Exhibit I has been deleted from the case. Otherwise, there have been no changes to the exhibits. The revised version of the case is the only version that may be used at the 2015 competition. The redline is for informational purposes only and may not be used for any purpose at the competition.

2015 Revised Mock Trial Case
2015 Mock Trial Rules and Forms
2015 Revised Mock Trial Redline

On February 18, 2015, the Mock Trial Committee issued the following:

  1. A memorandum from the Mock Trial Committee answering the questions posed regarding the case problem;
  2. Replacement pages for pages 6, 16, 22, and 32 of the case problem;
  3. A revised version of Exhibit H; and
  4. The parties’ Second Set of Stipulations.

These documents are available here. As stated in the memorandum, only the replacement page versions of pages 6, 16, 22, and 32, as well as the revised version of Exhibit H, may be used in the competition

Files require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Judge Registration

The Delaware High School Mock Trial Committee and Delaware Law Related Education Center invite you to join us as a judge volunteer for the 2015 Delaware High School Mock Trial Competition. The Competition will take place at the New Castle County Courthouse, 500 N. King Street, Wilmington, Delaware on Friday, February 27 and Saturday, February 28. The time commitment to judge a round is approximately four hours. This time includes an orientation for volunteers prior to your scheduled round, judging the competition round, and student debriefing after the round.

We hope you will join us for the 24nd year of High School Mock Trial Competition in Delaware. Complete this form and fax it to Margie Touchton, Judge Volunteer Coordinator, at 302-888-6976, or email it to